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Track baby feeds, baby sleeps, baby poops(pees), baby growth and more, support multiple reminders to help parents/caregivers remember to take care of the baby when busy.
Also can use this tool to write baby’s diary, add baby’s photo, voice record and share with friends.


  • Support multiple babies
  • Support to create multiple widget for each baby in your home screen
  • Support user defined baby icon
  • Track baby mood, breast feed, bottle, solid, sleeps, pee/poop, health, hygiene, vaccination, medicine, teeth and more
  • Track baby growth(weight, height, head circumference) .Track pumping milk


  • Breast feeding/Bottle/Solid/Diaper/Sleep/Wake/Pumping milk chart
  • Schedular chart
  • Temperature chart
  • Teeth Chart


  • Height/weight/head circumference percentile chart by DOB/Due Date(for premature child)
  • Compare your baby’s growth data with CDC/WHO guidelines.
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