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The challenges faced by healthcare have never been more significant than today. Due to an aging global population, regulatory demands, and provider burnout, the need for quality healthcare is undeniable. Medical science has rapidly advanced the way patient care occurs and technology has dramatically changed the way that care is delivered.

With all of these advancements, healthcare IT struggles to keep up and deliver the type of experiences required by healthcare providers and consumers. Healthcare environments require 24×7 connectivity and services translating to enormous pressure for Healthcare IT (HIT) to keep the network stable and secure.

The requirement for no downtime limits their ability to adopt new technology quickly and causes them to incur massive amounts of “technical debt” in the process. With new medical care solutions arriving almost daily, the HIT network has become a risky environment to deploy new ways to care for patients.

Additionally, healthcare is one of the most targeted and breached industries by cybercriminals who strongly desire electronic medical health records. The pressure on HIT to maintain a strong security posture in the face of this rapidlyevolving challenge has only added more complexity and
frustration to IT operations.

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