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Preparing for Adolescence is an application for preteens ages 9-12 or grades 4-6.  PumpkinPal App is designed to empower young people, helping them to successfully negotiate the challenges of pre-adolescence. The “Parent Hints & Tips” feature also makes these books a helpful tool for parents.

provides a foundation for understanding the changes and challenges of the preteen years. This first app focuses on developing strong character, recognizing one’s natural talents and abilities, and building self-confidence. It also targets shortcomings and explains the importance of self-improvement. Methods for building stable and long lasting self-esteem are also highlighted.

PumpkinPal App content, in combination with its rich interactivity, promotes effective parent/child communication on important life issues. Every Screen page offers parents an opportunity to connect with their pre-adolescent child and to discuss and transmit important values. Some pages offer specific “Parent Hints and Tips.” Thus, it is most effective when read.

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