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Online shopping apps are dominating the mobile era as many of the e-commerce websites are converting into the online shopping mobile apps.

Mobile retail apps provide 24/7 accessibility, better price comparison, exclusive deals, and offers, convenience and time saving, around 85% of online shoppers prefer mobile apps for shopping over App.

A user’s Shopping App tab acts as a personalized shopping feed that populates with product picks, special deals, and new arrivals based on their purchase history and the brands they follow on Shopping App.

Customers get quick access to their favorite brands, browsable in one app, while businesses can stay top of mind without having to lift a finger. And your most loyal customers can effortlessly reorder from your store thanks to Shop’s lightning-fast checkout, powered by Shopping App Pay.

Shopping App acts as a companion to your customers to ensure their end-to-end purchase experience is delightful. Better yet, Shop can help build confidence with future customers before they’ve placed their first order.

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